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We can sing CJ’s praise as a speaker, a teacher and an employer all day long, but in the end, the opinions that matters most, are those of the many students and professionals who have taken the courses and who have experienced first-hand what CJ has brought to the table. We invite you to hear what they’ve had to say.

Cecilio was my point of contact to support LSI’s corporate relocation to San Jose, California. We had hundreds of rack mounted computers and storage units, mostly undocumented. Frankly, it was a complete mess. Cecilio delivered with a process, a team and tangible results. As issues were discovered, we had to change and extend the plan a few times before we finished, but it all worked out. I credit Cecilio with his skill and experience for making this potential nightmare a move that is now behind us. We would not have been successful without his leadership and team.

George Kauffman
Director of QA, Exablox
CJ is a great teacher and presenter. Good balance between PM Skills, PMBOK, test, PMP. The practical applications of concepts and information were great. I have taken formal project management training at CSU, Cornelius Fletchner, and PMITC. This is by far the best training I’ve had. The instructor was top notch in making the material understandable and presented in an easily digestible way.
Tracy Griffin
MS, PMP, SR IT Project Manager, Healthcare
Cecilio is an exceptional instructor. He is a natural born teacher; one of those rare people who can master a body of knowledge but still remember what it is like to not know it, so that he can better guide you.
Debbie Shen
Program Manager | Exploratorium Teacher Institute
I recently took a PMP Boot Camp with CJ in Sacramento and as someone else stated, it exceeded my expectations! CJ’s presentation style kept us engaged, made some very dry content easy to understand and remember. Though I did a lot of reading, attended several online classes before this boot camp, I seriously doubted my ability to pass the PMP exam. But after this class and using the study material CJ provided us I feel that my understanding of the material has greatly improved and I no longer fear taking the exam. Thank you CJ!!
Kathryn T.
CJ is abundantly knowledgeable in project management and so many other areas the field touches. It takes a unique individual to be able to transfer that knowledge so seamlessly to so many people. He is always willing to provide practical examples and share best practices. The best part is he genuinely tries to connect to you and make the content relatable. I wholeheartedly recommend CJ. His professionalism, ambition, and charisma are unequaled
Jeff Thompson
PMP, IT Business Analyst
Cecilio (our instructor) came highly recommended by my wife and I had the opportunity to sit in his class a couple of months after she completed her course. My wife wasn’t kidding – Cecilio came to the class prepared and had an energy about him when talking about project management that truly made me believe that he has found his calling. CJ is funny, patient, kind, and helpful, and he has a seemingly endless supply of real-life examples he can use to illustrate his points and bring some very complex concepts to life. I would highly recommend any course that CJ teaches as you will come out of the class with much greater clarity about the topic.
David S.
Cecilio is a very interactive instructor and is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of Project Management. You can tell he definitely has passion.
Shirley TSE
CJ is very patient and accommodated our needs. He simplified concepts that we were struggling with, He answered our questions, and he made himself available afterwards for more questions.
J. Nikolai Carlson
The instructor used multiple teaching methods conducive to learning for a variety of students. Material was an overload, but the presentation of it was very helpful.
Laurnina Lanham
The course of pace was great CJ’s presentation style was much appreciated he makes himself available to the students after class and explains things and various ways to help you understand
Helen Hirmand
Cecilio shares examples and recommendations of the world best practices and how they tie back into the real world
Matt Forkin

I appreciate the level of understanding and professinal experience CJ taught us for the course. The class was always moving at the same pace which was very helpful.

Alicia Pratt

I honestly believe without CJ Mills and PMP boot camp, I would not have passed the exam. I had a long journey to my exam. I was on a roll, took the class, applied for the exam, and was waiting for approval, then BAM, life happened. I was offered a job right before the holidays. I was still working on my test, but was running around getting what was required for the new job and the holidays. Well the new job fell through due to location. Then BAM, I got call from the doctor. Major Surgery was required. So life was put on hold for a couple of months. Then BAM, kid decided right before graduating High School, it was time to rebel. So life is still on hold. Got through that, then dusted off the books. Re-read the PMBOK, reviewed notes from an on-line course I took. Tried to get into Rita’s book, but it was not until I got out my notes from CJ’s class that it all come together. I remembered his test taking techniques. I reviewed the handouts every day for 2 weeks. Reviewed all the information in the binder and my notes. Went and took the test, and PASSED! I’m so gratefully for CJ’s assistances and not giving up on me. It took me over a year after the class to take the test, and he is still here for me. I wouldn’t recommend waiting that long, but it showed me just how good his class is. Thank you CJ!!!.

Dawn M.
International Project Lead and Process Designer
Outstanding instructor excellent discussion leader very knowledgeable about course content personable effective at highlighting important exam approaches
Dave Bowman
I liked that CJ exposed us to the knowledge areas. He has a lot of energy and relatable examples. CJ was great.
Cindy Dinh
CJ was a great instructor. He was knowledgeable, personable and made the content easy to understand.
Kimi omi Braxton
CJ help me organize all the needed information with clear lines and centralized what I needed to know and why I needed to know.
Jun Chen
Cecilio was great. It helps to have someone eloquent and engaging teaching such an intense course so we stay engaged.
Eric Christiansen
CJ was very good at providing real life examples that made concepts much easier to understand and was a very caring instructor and encouraging
Michelle Nigipali
The instructor was great at adjusting to, and working with, the class and it’s pace. Real world, practical scenarios used were extremely helpful in understanding the material. I started the course discouraged, thinking I wouldn’t be able to understand the material but CJ mStrategic Program & Operations Manager at Accentureade it manageable in the best way possible.
Nami Hon
I recently took a PMP bootcamp with Cecilio in Sacramento and it exceeded my expectations. I had been trying to self-study for the PMP exam and was having difficulty with understanding the content from a high level. After taking the bootcamp, not only did my understanding of the material drastically improve, but my test score improved. I have taken crash courses in the past and have had trouble trying to stay awake due to the delivery of the content, but not with this class. Cecilio was an engaging instructor that provided interesting explanations regarding the various content areas and made the class enjoyable. If I could, I would take another class with Cecilio as the instructor.
Joseph G.
Consultant, PMP, and Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner
Cecilio, our instructor. Great teacher, very dynamic and engaging. Used real world examples that made the material easier to understand. He provided a great way to learn a lot of material in the short amount of time.
William Nick Phillip

GRAMMY-recognized Record Producer, Digital Music Curator/Strategist, Jazz Genre Expert, Musician

We have a saying here, “Do something right; thank them” … He is a smart, supportive and customer-focused champion that I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to. He carried himself with authority, commanded leadership, and exuded charisma. His level of dedication to our project was truly appreciated. As challenges arose, Cecilio was completely successful in removing the burden, thereby allowing my team and I to concentrate on the job at hand.


CJ had excellent energy, consistency, and positivity. He was clear about the objectives of the course, provided relevant examples, and gave constructive advice and attention. Great experience.

Megan Ross

Passing the PMP requires the investment of the boot camp in order to be successful. You’ll find many offerings for this service but you’ll need to choose one that will offer a level of service above the rest. There is a reason why CJ’s classes are almost always full, it’s because he concentrates on the key components from the PMBOK as well as a highly detailed PowerPoint presentation. The value of the course is in the tips and helpful advice he adds, it’s essential in order to pass the exam….he’s engaged for the entire 4 days and keeps the pace going as well as answering all questions, completely. Passed the PMP exam and couldn’t be more satisfied.

Chris D.

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