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We’ve all met at least one of them. Those rare individuals that you meet and you know right away there’s something special there. It’s not just how they walk or talk or even what they talk about. It’s this sense that there’s a story there and there’s passion behind the eyes. Cecilio, or CJ as most call him, is one of those people. Maybe it’s the fact he’s lived in so many different places, maybe it’s the connection he’s had to athletics as a boxer, a football player, a baseball player, maybe it’s that he grew up as a nerd who bloomed late, or maybe it’s the long arc of his career. Likely, it’s all of those things combined with the fact that, when you meet him, you genuinely know that he’s authentic and kind-hearted and that immediately puts you at ease and instills a sense of trust and respect.

Sure, we could talk about all the credentials and career experiences that help define what he does (you can read that below), but who he is, is about much more than that. Humility meets confidence, competence meets levity. It’s a great combination for someone who’s mission in life is to share knowledge, to teach others how to excel within the path they’ve chosen, and to create structures designed to empower people. Whether it’s the work he does with the professional class or the extra-curricular activities he engages in to help troubled kids in his community or vulnerable communities half-way across the globe, in CJ, you will find a teacher whose heart is in the right place and whose mind will serve you well.

Let's let the man speak for himself

The Credentials

Cecilio holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration with an emphasis in Organizational Communications and Public Relations. He received his teaching certification through the Masters in Education Program.

He is an Agile Certified Practitioner, Lean Six Sigma Professional, Project Management Professional (PMP), LEED Green Associate, Certified Change Manager, and has authored an Asset Management and Business Process Patent. There is no one better to help PM professionals and aspiring PMs achieve their career goals. 

The Experience

CJ is a former CEO of PMI  (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter), Collegiate and Minor-League Baseball Player, Speech and Debate champion, Golden Gloves Champion, Olympic Trials Participant, and has authored an Asset Management and Business Process Patent. See Cecilio’s LinkedIn profile for more on his professional accomplishments.

Cecilio is an international speaker, agile coach, holds leadership workshops, coaches project managers, conducts agile and PMP certification courses, and helps firms to develop and strengthen their Project & Program Management Offices (PMO). Yes, it’s a mouth-full but it’s what makes him so effective!

Worked/Taught in:








Project Managers

PMP Exam Success:


Students Passed on their 1st attempt

CJ has been awarded

the "You Make The Difference" award

by Contra Costa County for his

contributions to the community!

Change a person's life, change the world

Every step in his career has helped him realize he can reach a larger audience and have a more positive impact. It’s not just about helping create armies of productive professionals, but also about ensuring those with the least have pathways to better lives. So, when not involved in Project Management, CJ is at Pacific Ring Sports as the assistant Boxing Trainer helping to introduce people to the sport of boxing, explain the fundamentals, and teach the science.

CJ works with Soulciety Non-Profit Organization to fight against poverty and provide access to technology for youth. Each year, he does mission work taking books, computers, hygiene supplies, and shoes to help impoverished youth around the globe.

His support for non-profits has spread to introducing and implementing project management practices to local communities, schools, and community-based organizations. He is proud to serve PMI-SFBAC and the community of project managers everywhere!

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