Are you about to take that huge step towards becoming the PM you are meant to be?

Are you about to take that huge step towards becoming the PM you are meant to be?

Ready to take that huge step towards becoming the PM you are meant to be?


I’m a trained teacher, a project manager, and a PM consultant.
That’s what I CAN do. But what I LOVE to do... is share knowledge.

They say "those who can't, teach."
But those who can, and who do, and who still choose to teach...

I CAN. I DO all the time.
And I bring that into the class, onto the stage, and into your life to help you reach farther.

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Career Advancement Programs

We have the key you need to unlock your full potential as a PM.
Are you looking to ace your PMP exam the first time so you can obtain your certification? Are you already a pro project manager and just want to further your career to the next level? We combine cutting-edge information, future-proofed training methods to produce a program designed to help you reach your Project Management career goals.

PMP Masterclass

PMP Masterclass, PMI - ACP, Disciplined Agile

Guarantee: 100% pass the first try money-back. (no fine print)

This is a PMP Bootcamp designed not only to help you obtain your PMP certification as fast and conveniently as possible but also to help you become a better project manager.

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Stakeholder Management

Part of the Beyond Project Management Program

Guarantee: 100% Lifetime Money-Back guarantee. (No questions asked)

Future-proof your career as a PM by learning how to understand stakeholders and deal with them efficiently! (No more guesswork, wasting time, and headaches)

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Future of work

Novel Thinking, Adaptive Thinking, Digital Project Management

Guarantee: 100% Lifetime Money-Back guarantee. (No questions asked)

Develop “situational adaptability”, arguably the most important skill needed as a project manager.

This program is under development but stay tuned for more information on F.O.W. and its individual courses.




CJ has been a PM and a teacher for 3 decades, and in that time he’s trained hundreds of Project Management Professionals and provided consultation for many of the most prominent firms on the West Coast. In the late 00’s he began putting a team together that could help him reach further, touch more people and offer PMO Development & Coaching to a larger audience. Together we create workshops and Certification Training customized to meet the needs of people who are serious about becoming PMs but are intimidated, unsure how to begin, or want to work in a more personal setting. We have combined best practices, processes, and methodologies from multiple industries and aligned business goals with creative solutions to drive agility, quality and value creation.

Success Stories



“My career revolves around helping individuals further THEIR careers, whether they are just getting started as PMs or want to reach the upper echelons of the industry. So, wherever you are in that process, the question is ”Are you ready to become the PM Professional you are meant to be. ?”